La Plata Port is located on the Argentine coast, more precisely in the mouth of the La Plata River, coordinates 34° 51` South and 57° 53` West.

More than 1,000 square meters only:
  • 50 m. away from the P.N.A (Argentine Naval Prefecture)
  • 50 m. away from the A.L.P (La Plata Customs)
  • 300 m. away from the Management Consortium, La Plata Port
  • 1,000 m. away from A.R.S. (Río Santiago Shipyard)
  • 1,300 m. away from Z.F.L.P. (La Plata Free Trade Zone)
  • And 400 m. away from our fleet.

This gives us an exceptional logistic support, facilitating fast and flexible operations.
La Plata Remolques S.A. calle Gilberto Gaggino Nro 319, Ensenada, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel: (54) (221) 4691421/1762/2094/4602155 - Fax: (0221) 4602300

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