Luciano B

General Information

Flag: argentinean
Call Sign: Luciano LW 5821
Port of Register: Buenos Aires

Mains Dimensions

Lenght: 34.20 mts.
Breadth: 10.00 mts.
Maximun draft: 14´ 06´´

Towing Equipment

Hook: 2 each tugboat


8 cabins x 2

Bunker Capacity

Gasoil: 105 tons.
Fresh water: 110 tons

Engines / Propulsion

Type of propulsion:1 variable picht propeller
Bollard pull: 56 Tons.
Main engines: 1 MAK type 8M453
Generators: 2 GM 671 T 137 Kwa c/u
1 M. Benz modelo OM 352 A
Max speed: 14 Knots

Navigation and Comunication Equipment

Magnetic compass:1 Kelvin Hughes
Radar: JRC Mod. JMA 510
Echo sounder: Raytheon d250
Vhf instalation: 1 Sailor 1 Uniden
Radio equipment: Kenwood TKM 707
GPS: Si-Tex Max Pro V1035
Palm y PC HP c/ Oziexplorer
Shipplotter / Nobeltec / c Raster
AIS receptor for VHF
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